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Dear friends, our law office, in addition to complex programs, also offers a range of legal services for your personal and business needs.

1) Legal documents custody

Unauthorized search in your office  is always a big stress and risk of losing important documents. Submit your documents to a lawyer for a legal analysis and during the audit you will have time to think and provide the auditor only with necessary documents.

2) Refunding accounts receivable

You have been deceived by your business partners? Sue them and get your money back! We will help you draw up a claim and present your interests in court.

3) Work with the Bailiff Department

Unfortunately, the favourable decision of the court does not guarantee its execution. We know how to influence and motivate Bailiff Department.

4) Getting employment authorization for a foreigner

We will help officially employ your partner, register his identification code, receive a resident permit, and also resolve other issues related to non-resident official stay in Ukraine.

5) Work with the internal revenue service

With great pleasure we will help you solve all the difficulties of your business and internal revenue service relationship – from the presence during inspection to appeal of tax decisions in court.

6) Representation in the negotiations

You do not know how to act during negotiations, sustain your position, and convince the opponents? We know how to help you.

7) Business organization

In next to no time we will register your business of any form of ownership. We will help to compile a necessary package of standard agreements for company’s successful work.

8) Check business partners

In next to no time we will help to get necessary information about the counter party, its officers and founders.

9) Assistance at car accident

We will help to cope with all difficulties from the moment of the accident to the receipt of adequate compensation under court decision.

10) Subject of intellectual property

We will register your trademark (logo), extend the term of the certificate on the registered trade mark (logo), protect your business from unfair competition and illegal use of intellectual property.

11) Bankruptcy

We will help to arrange turnkey bankruptcy process.

12) “Emergency aid”

Emergency legal counsel at any time on a call-out basis (if necessary).

13) Political representation

We will present your interests during the election process in the election commissions of all levels, and help you arrange political action, etc.

14) Protection in criminal proceedings

We will protect you and your family, take part in all stages of pre-trial