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Nowadays the notion of a “family doctor”, who is familiar with diseases of all family members and continuously consults them on healthy issues, is getting more and more popular. However, every day you and your family are dealing with problems and situations that only a lawyer can deal with.

Following this philosophy, the law office “Voloshyn and Partners” offers you and your family a program “Family Lawyer”. Very often you simply do not know how to act and what to do in a car accident, fraud in a store, illegal actions of police officers, rudeness and insults, minor offence of your underage child…

Program “Family Lawyer” will ensure you that your family can get competent and, most importantly, timely legal assistance almost at any time.

Program “Family Lawyer” offers the following range of legal services:

  • providing personal advocate/lawyer;
  • personal legal/advocate advice by telephone from 10:00-19:00 on weekdays (no more than 2 hours per day);
  • personal legal/advocate advice in our office from 10:00-19:00 on weekdays – no more than 3 times per month (for no more than 1 hour) with the possibility of documentary research (by prior arrangement);
  • assistance in drawing up documents (complaints, grievances, claims (except for a statement of claim) – no more than 5 documents per month).
  • the possibility of negotiations fieldwork – no more than 3 times per month (length of one fieldwork – no more than 2 hours);
  • the possibility of legal emergency aid 24/7 – no more than 1 time per month.